“Ayumi Yu, Cloud Artisan”

Github: github.com/ayumi

Contact: ayumi at ayumiyu.com

Senior Software Engineer @ CoderPad

2019-01 – Current

CoderPad is a live programming environment for interviewing programmers. It’s used by companies big and small including Facebook, Dropbox and Twitch.

  • I work on all parts of the stack:
    • User Frontend – Rails with React (with Redux); Firebase and WebSockets for low latency sync.
    • Code Execution – Node microservice runs Docker containers to run code. Supports 30+ languages, relational DBs and cloud files. Participant keystrokes and stdout sync over WebSockets.
    • Code Intelligence – Shim for language-specific intelligence servers which do autocompletion and diagnostics. Runs on Kubernetes.
    • Ops – Google Cloud; Ansible
  • Implemented overage billing, which lets customers pay for interviews beyond their monthly plan. People like it and it makes money.

Senior Software Engineer @ Brave Software

2016-08 – 2018-04

Brave is a web browser company which protects people’s privacy and security on the Internet. Brave also helps web publishers make money with a novel ads and contribution system.

  • Created and managed Brave Rewards for Creators, a frontend for web creators to get paid via the Brave Browser BAT ecosystem.
  • When I worked on it Creators was used by 10,000+ publishers. As of September 2020 there were over 800,000.
  • Co-created end-to-end encrypted browser data sync library brave/sync.
  • Worked on a cross platform web browser written in Muon (a fork of Electron) and React.
  • Improved browser performance and wrote automated performance tests.

Senior Software Engineer @ Entelo

2014-02 – 2016-07

Entelo makes a professional people search engine and other recruiting tools. During my time there, company revenue was $100Ms ARR.

  • Worked on core search engine, including data acquisition, processing, indexing and frontend.
  • Created Entelo Track, an email service which instruments outbound email engagement.
  • Created an API integrations framework for applicant tracking systems.
  • Tech: Elasticsearch, Docker, Ruby, RDBMS (5+ TB), AWS

Software Engineer @ Leap Motion

2012-10 – 2013-04

Leap Motion is a computer hardware sensor which tracks hands and fingers in 3D space.

  • Worked on web infrastructure supporting the sensor: Web backend, app curation tools, and the web shop.
  • User base was 1M+.

Software Engineer @ Expensify

2011-02 – 2011-11

Expensify makes nice expense reporting software.

  • Created “SmartScan” receipt data capture and OCR system.
  • Created HTML5 canvas image editor.

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